Live Offline Options

Here is a list of the configuration options:

autoreconnectAutomatically attempt to reconnect after a set interval.false
reconnectTimeReconnect after a set delay.30
noiseEnable TV Noise animation on offline.false
offlineThe offline message.
reconnectReconnecting message.
endTimeCountReconnect count until end of Stream10
retryConnectTimeTime to retry connection.10
hlsRetryCountAllow a number of internal HLS retries before a reconnection.5
fallbackResolverEnable source selection resolver for edge servers.false
roundRobinEnable random round robin soure selection.false
reconnectOnEndStreamReconnection on detected HLS end of stream.false

HLS End Of Stream

Servers tested to support Live HLS end of stream. This allows to provide an end screen or automatically reconnect.