Video Previews Options

Here is a list of the configuration options:

stillsurlFor dynamic configuration setups used in conjunction with the totalstills config set a url to a stills template with an index prefix ie images/filename-[index].jpeg
totalstillsSet the total number of stills to load using the stillsurl template.
previewsurlLoad an external stills config to configure the splash transitions with.
previewsList of still images configured manually.
autoplayBegin to automatically play through the stills transitions on startup. When false, mouse hover will begin playback. For html configs use autostart instead.

Clip Configuration

Dynamic Stills Url

  "totalstills": 8,
  "stillsurl": "images/stills/bbb-[index].jpeg"

JSON Stills Url

  "previewsurl": "../data/previews.json"

Previews List Config

  "previews": [