Stereoscopic VR Video

Stereo Rendered Video in monoscopic and VR

This example demonstrates confguring a rendered stereo top / bottom or side to side video. Either as monoscopic or in VR.

Side to side is the default configuration which can be changed to top and bottom with sidetoside: false

The clip config is required to be configured as a stereo video with projection set to 360_TB or 360_LR

Stereo Video

    <div class="flex w-full h-auto my-auto">
          <div id="stereo" class=""></div>
  <script type="text/javascript">
  	var player = jwplayer("stereo").setup({
    "aspectratio": "16:9",
    "playbackRateControls": true,
    "plugins": {
        "../../js/vrvideo-8.20.0.js": {
            "projection": "360_TB"
    "sources": [
            "file": "//",
            "type": "video/webm"
            "file": "//",
            "type": "video/mp4"
    "width": "100%"