Here is a list of the configuration options:

columnsThe number of configured columns in the contact sheet images.
rowsThe number of configured rows in the contact sheet images.
intervalThe value of the configured frame capture interval used. ie a 1/10th capture value will be 10.
totalframesThe number of total frames captured. If not set, this is determined by the duration and the capture interval.
thumbnailsSet the plugin to use the video thumbnails loader instead of using contactsheets. Filenames must be indexed like -1.jpg, -2.jpg etc with no zero padding.
thumbnailsoffsetIf using ffmpeg to generate your thumbnails for the thumbnails feature, it will generate a duplicated frame at the start which should be removed, and messes up the filename sequencing. \
Setting it to 1 allows for the file indexes to be loaded correctly. If your files are generated normally set this to 0. \
Not required for contactsheets.
limitIf set the images will be grouped and downloaded incrementally.
loadOnStartDownload and pre-cache the images on startup to improve load times.

Video Frame Configuration

To configure the video with their own contact sheet or thumbnails url use a custom config property framesurl with a [index] format postfix to use to format the required index to load.

{ "framesurl": "images/contactsheets/big_buck_bunny_400k-[index].jpg" }

Creating Thumbnails

Provided it some scripts to automatically generate thumbnails. It requires FFMpeg and ImageMagick installed on the server or device doing the thumbnail creation.

Frame rate creation

For contactsheets with frame rate of 1/10

./ -i src/big_buck_bunny_400k.mp4 -r "1/10" -W 108 -H 60 -o out -f big_buck_bunny_400k -C 5 -R 5 

Number of frames creation

For contactsheets with number of frames

./ -i src/big_buck_bunny_400k.mp4 -n 60 -W 108 -H 60 -o out -f big_buck_bunny_400k -C 5 -R 5

Thumbnails only creation

For Thumbnails only

./ -i src/big_buck_bunny_400k.mp4 -r "1/10" -W 108 -H 60 -o out -O bbb -f big_buck_bunny_400k -t